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I glanced through multiple pages to look for this particular feature being mentioned but was unable to find any, though I found the following from your kickstarter FAQ:

Will you add Steam Workshop support?
As of this moment, we currently do not plan to add modding support. This is subject to change, pending success of the project.

Last updated: Wed, May 5 2021 6:12 AM CEST

I see that many of the feedback and suggestions are about 'more equipment options', 'new mounts' and 'rebalances' etc which I believe mods could 'solve', and simultaneously provide more options to players allowing each players to tailor whatever aspect of the game to their liking. I would also like to point out that modding would potentially attract new players and maybe older players that have completed the game multiple times back to play a new game with mods installed.

I believe there are only pros in adding modding support so it would be amazing if you ever decided to go for it. Keep up the amazing work! :)

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Comments: 1

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