Side quests - Give them meaning

When I got the first side quest to find something in an optional battle, I got excited. Then I realised it was literally just an optional battle.

Similarly, the person that asked me to get it, wasn't required in the party for it.

It would be great if the side quests that required you to go into a fight were unique and there was a reason for doing it.

I.e - "I don't know, bandits are likely to have it".

Instead of spawning and moving in a turn to unlock a chest in an open area with the items, the bandits could be heavily guarding it while their leader is fixated on what it might sell for, throwing his peers at us until we pry it from his hands.

For the - "shield that can block any hit".

Instead of beating the same bandits and just getting it, why not let us walk in to some bandits getting killed by some monsters that they thought they could block - we have to make it to the location and pick it up & beat the monsters.

Side quest battles just feel eh without a story...

Not Planned Suggested by: Juffacake Upvoted: 12 Dec, '22 Comments: 1

Comments: 1

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