Consider slowing down visual progression across classes

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I would love a slower progresion of armor type as the classes are changing. Right now, from commoner wearing simple clothes (visualy) you jumpdirectly to full on plate armor, and then later, you just change the type of plate armor the more you progress. Here, imo we have a lost oportunity for the fealing of progression. Instead of giving us plate imediately, why not go trough lower types of armor? This way, visualy, you would feel more of an achievement when you change the class, thus you would feel better about it. For example, as a squire, give me simple mail armor head to toe, with just a open faced helmet of some kind, or even a mail coif. Then as knight, you still have a full body heavy mail, but receive plate elements, like a coat of plates, and arm plate protection, plus perhaps a full helmet or something. Then, when you get to be a Templar, THEN you receive the full on heavy plate armor. Don't just give me the best cake from the start, let me work for it a bit.

Not Planned Suggested by: Guinn Kim Upvoted: 05 Jul Comments: 2

Comments: 2

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