Display current HP (not just max) in battle preview

When you select to attack an enemy, in the battle preview, you can see the max HP, the damage the attack will do, and the resulting HP after the attack, but not the current HP.

This information is useful in determining whether the attack will guarantee a kill without a crit and with a guard proccing.

e.g. I had an enemy with 28 HP, and my attack would do 19 damage, but due to being provoked, the enemy had a high (ish) guard percentage From the preview, I could see that the attack would kill the enemy, but I couldn't see that he had 11 HP remaining. With no guard, he dies, but of course, on this occasion he guarded, so the attack only did 9 damage, and he was still alive and could counter. See screenshot.

Right now you have to either remember before the preview, or see preview, cancel the attack, select enemy to see current HP, and then go back to attack.

Not Planned Suggested by: Drew Upvoted: 08 Dec, '22 Comments: 1

Comments: 1

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