Add a New Game + mode

[From Discord by Rei and Rabbit:]

we need a new game + with carryovers.
100% would love NG+.

From Ocean Drive Studio: Please feel free to share what you want to see with the New Game Plus mode! We would like to hear your suggestions!

Update on the Progress:
Hey everyone, we're working on New Game Plus features now.

We've gone through all those suggestions on feature up vote, steam and here.
Among those suggestions, we've decided that following features will be added for NG+.

Features you can choose to carry over at the start of NG+:
Equipment Masteries
Class Exp
Rapport Exp
Equipment/Consumable Items (Normal, Rare, Legendary)
Unique Items
Gift Items
Books/Essential Items

Features added for NG+
2 additional equiped skills slots (total 7 for NG+)
Leon/Robin selectable for Battle (no narrative and/or quest to revive though)
Merchant Salma will sell more gift items

Completed Suggested by: Guinn Kim Upvoted: 13 Dec, '22 Comments: 16

Comments: 16

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