Provide more combat-related progression during chapters 9-17

[From Discord by notpaul and Juffacake:]

the game has a pretty big deadzone between mission 9 and 17 where everybody is gonna have their intermediate class mastered but the master classes aren't available


This. Unsure if it was an intentional decision for classes to be able to be maxed this early, but it's felt odd for the last 5 or so missions just not being able to really unlock or do anything of significance class wise without having to default everyone back to commoner.


Unless the intention was to use new recruits the moment to get them so you're getting everyone up to max? Unsure. But definitely plateaus the pacing when you're in combat I think. I just decided to give everyone an alt weapon and have them train that for no other reason than it was something to give exp.

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Comments: 2

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