Need more indicators for which characters are eligible for Rapport and recruiting

From Discord by Rabbit and Juffacake:]

But I wonder if I’m still missing some hidden recruits that may be categorized as Outsider, like Klara, or something like that. Then there’s characters I can give gifts to who don’t even show up on that character menu list at all, ya know


Completely get you. Its the same with porter and the other shop keepers - they have the rapport wheel in the top corner too, but you can't do anything with it which makes me think its a bit confusing to have in general for people you may not be able to recruit. So far there hasn't been anything that may have hinted at recruitables in the field.

In fire emblem, for example, there's always some dialogue or tid-bit to say avoid killing this person, or like one of the characters being "maybe I should speak to them" etc. There isn't here, so hoping its not one of those where you have to to stumble on it and be like... oh.

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Comments: 2

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