Shortcuts and switching between menu tabs (in camp)

Each of the menu tabs has a keyboard shortcut, as well as the ability to use pg up/pg down to toggle between each (can also use the mouse or rebind). It would be great if you could use the shortcuts as well to toggle between them.

e.g. To open the map, you press M, but then if you want to go to the Character screen, you can't use C, you have to use the toggle bindings. This is the same for all tabs; you can use the shortcut to open the menu tab, but then can only use the toggle bindings to swap tabs. It would be nice to have both options.

Also, related, is the ability to close the menu by pressing the same keyboard shortcut. So press M to open the map and press M again to close it, instead of having to use Esc everytime. (I see that there is another suggestion like this marked as completed, but it still isn't the behavior).

If you've ever played the Witcher 3 (everyone has right?), you'll understand better the desired behavior.

Not Planned Camp Combat Controls UI/UX Suggested by: Drew Upvoted: 08 Dec, '22 Comments: 1

Comments: 1

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